Riverbank Heritage Day

Riverbank Heritage Day – celebrating Canadian Rivers Day in Stanley Bridge

Riverbank Heritage Day is a celebration of the cultural and ecological significance of rivers on PEI, highlighting education, conservation and restoration, history of rivers on PEI, arts inspired by rivers and watercourses and local food.

The event will include environmental groups as exhibitors and presenters with a focus on education surrounding rivers. Visual and performing arts inspired by rivers and watercourses such as crafters, performers, music, as well as story tellers who wish to tell stories of PEI rivers. We will also be holding kayak tours of Stanley River.

The event is on Sunday June 12th from noon to 6pm, at Carr’s Oyster Bar, 32 Campbellton Road, which is just by Stanley Bridge Marina on Route 6.

The event will be free or by donation, with all proceeds going to event organization, and watershed groups on the Island.