If you have any questions, if you have any issues that we might help with, if you need us to put you in touch with an expert on an environmental issue, if you see bats, or if you would like us to plant trees near your stream, please don’t hesitate to call us on or e-mail us at

See our TREC Summer Field Report for 2021 [PDF] which has a wealth of information and pictures about all of our summer activities.

Other useful websites:

The PEI Watershed Alliance is a loose cooperative of watershed groups across PEI, and has some great resources.

The Winter Woodlot Tour happens (weather permitting) every February, and is a great event to learn about how to use, enjoy, and protect small woodlots. TREC is on the organizing committee.

The ALUS program pays landowners to retire sensitive land, and covers some of the costs of fencing streams, delayed hay cutting, and soil conservation structures.

PEI’s Open Data Portal has raw data, maps, and charts showing all kinds of interesting data including historical groundwater and stream water chemical levels.